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LaneSpotter is mapping and navigation created for cyclists by cyclists, with a focus on safety. Think Waze for bikes! Join the tens of thousands of cyclists who are using LaneSpotter to find safe routes using our bike maps, safety ratings and real-time alerts.
Safety Maps

Find the perfect and safest route for your ride.

People on bikes provide safety ratings on the roads they travel, creating comprehensive safety maps that help everyone find the best bike routes to work and back, or for play, every day.

The bike community is the best community!

Nothing can beat real people working together toward a common goal. LaneSpotter is a community of cyclists, joining forces to help make riding a bike safer, easier and more fun for EVERYONE!

Riding safe is more than just lines on a map.

Get the inside scoop on bike lane closures, accidents, large potholes and shortcuts, all shared by other bicyclists in real-time. #themoreyouknow

Join the community of more than 25,000 cyclists using LaneSpotter

Bike Maps

Take your city's bike map with you on the go!

Quickly and easily find all of the protected bike lanes, painted bike lanes, shared lanes, and multi-use trails nearby. If we don't have your city's Bike Map, let us know!

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Our Mission

Make cycling safer, easier, and more fun for EVERYONE.

We want to make cities easier to navigate by bike. We want you to be able to explore your neighborhood on two wheels, confidently. We want you to be able to bike to the park with your kids, safely. That said, technology like LaneSpotter is only one piece of the puzzle. Creating safer streets for cyclists requires help from other cyclists, bike advocacy groups, bike share companies, cities, universities. It's my hope that, together, we can make a difference. Let’s start building something great together today.

Our Partners

The public data we collect will be provided to our partner bike advocacy groups - at no cost. In addition, a portion of our revenue is donated to our partners to help improve infrastructure in their communities.
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We love talking bikes, building relationships, and helping fellow cyclists.

If you have questions, need help or want to provide some feedback on LaneSpotter, drop us an email!
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About Us

Hi. I'm Lynsie Campbell and I'm the Founder of LaneSpotter.

I'm also a mom who rides a bike with her three year old son almost every day.
I've been a bike commuter for years, in both Pittsburgh and San Francisco. I've navigated and explored cities all over the country by bike. Alone, I’m a confident cyclist. But when I started to ride with my son, it totally changed the way I looked at bicycling. I started to focus more and more on safety. Specifically, on safe routes. That's why I created LaneSpotter.

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